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How to submit a feature request ?

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How to submit a feature request ?

Postby Development » Thu Sep 07, 2006 3:14 pm

Rules for "Enhancement Request"

1. Replies MUST be related to the subject of the topic.
2. Do not post enhancement requests that are already posted in Ahsay Forum.
3. Make sure the subject of the topic is clear and meaningful. (Refer to Enhancement Requests example below).
4. Requests must be cleary stated and follow the standard request format (Refer to Enhancement Requests template below). Feature requests that are not in the standard format may lead to a huge delay in response time.

Topics which violate any of these rules may be deleted without prior notice.

How to submit a feature request:

1) Check the release notes in the website and see if the existing releases contain the feature you want.
2) Check if there is any similar feature requests in the forum or the development plan in the website.
3) Submit a topic which follows the standard feature request format below.


Suppose that you want to submit a feature request regarding the email subject line. You want the username and backupset name to be included in the email subject. Assumming the forum and the release notes do not contain any information about that feature. The feature request will be posted as follows:

Subject: Show the Username and backupset name in the subject of the report

Platform : Windows
OS Verion : Windows 2003 Small Business Server Edition
Product : OBS
Product Version : v5.1.0.7d
Descriptions : Include the backupset name and username in the subject of the email reports. e.g. Backup Report [failed] > [Username] > [BackupsetName] > [JobID]
Resaons : Rules can be set to route the email reports to different person
Workaround : N/A
Related Topics : N/A
Keywords :

Enhancement Requests template

Any feature requests posted must follow the format shown below. Feature requests that are not in this format may lead to a huge delay in response time.

Platform : (Current platform that you are using)
OS Version : (OS Version that you are using)
Product : (Product that will include the requested feature)
Product Version : (The version number of the product which you are currently using. Provide Example if possible.)
Descriptions : (A brief description about your requested feature)
Reasons : (Reasons for why the requested feature is useful)
Workaround : (Possible workaround)
Related Topics : (Other topics that are similar or related to this feature request)
Keywords : (Search Keywords, Edited by admin/moderator only)

Please use one of the templates shown below to submit a feature request:

plain text format:
Code: Select all
OS Version:
Product Version:
Related Topics:

bbscode format:
Code: Select all
[b]Platform  : [/b]
[b]OS Version  :[/b]   
[b]Product  :[/b]   
[b]Product Version  :[/b] 
[b]Descriptions  :[/b]
[b]Reasons  :[/b] 
[b]Workaround  : [/b]
[b]Related Topics  :[/b] 
[b]Keywords  :  [/b]
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