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Imitate multiple accounts for restore testing

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Imitate multiple accounts for restore testing

Postby johnwood » Mon Feb 25, 2013 5:50 pm


Hopefully a simple question!

I am currently researching backup/restore solutions for our customers and quite like what Ahsay has to offer, such as replication, easy client interfaces, server-initiated backups, seed loading etc.

One thing I am stuck on is the ability to imitate one particular customer to restore to an emergency backup server.

At present, we have rsync scripts on all our customer servers that backup to our DC (speed, always on, etc.), then replicate to our office. Once a month, we run a restore script to an empty backup server to test that the backup is OK. This process isn't necessarily to test the backup actually worked, but to make sure that if we do ever need to restore for a customer, we know the pitfalls to expect/work around/fix and normally we can restore a customer server in a matter of minutes. As they say, it's not the backup process that's the most important, its the restore!

The issue I'm having with the OBM is that I can't find a way to easily and quickly switch between our different customers (preferably via a script). On the restore server, I could keep a copy of the customers OBM directory, and manually copy it to the "working directory" each time to imitate them for restoring, but that does seem rather messy. It would be better to provide a different config file to the executable with the login details of each customer, or even be able to create my own simple config file from a script.

We have complete access to all the servers, which all run Redhat linux, and we maintain the backups - there is no customer involvement.

Any help would be appreciated!
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