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esfmfw partition is 98% full

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esfmfw partition is 98% full

Postby NAUser » Mon Apr 29, 2013 11:47 pm

Whilst trying to get to the bottom of a few problems I noticed that the partition used for esfmfw is 98% full.

I was under the impression that this was just used to hold the software but looking in /ubs/mnt/esfmfw/obsr/system I see that there's a logs folder and when I looked in there I could see a large number of log files.

Whilst there seem to be an unbroken sequence of access_log.CCYY-MM-DD.log, obs_context.CCYY-MM-DD.log & rps_context.CCYY-MM-DD.log logfiles there are only two ROOT_context.CCYY-MM-DD.log & catalina.CCYY-MM-DD.log logfiles, both of which are quite old and are not on consecutive days, plus catalina.out, catalina.out.1, catalina.out.2 & catalina.out.3 logfiles.

Just the fact that the partition is nearly full gives me concern but the fact that no new ROOT_context & catalina logfiles appear to have been created for a couple of weeks doesn't look right either.

Could a few people let me know how the corresponding folder on their OBS systems look, especially if you're running OBS on the UBS platform.


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