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Non paying customer wants backups

Thu Apr 20, 2017 10:16 am

Years ago I had a customer, that we agreed to part ways, In the consulting side. They kept backing up. Then they stopped paying for back up service.

I left them active, because I figured eventually something would happen..

4 years later, the current computer tech calls, and asks if we have a good backup for this customer. I check, yep, back up is valid and update. Tech wants a copy. I explain, the customer owes ~4yrs in past due. And I'll need them to pay all 4 years before I release backup.

Customer is disputing the past owed. They want the backups, for fee. They say I should have closed the account when they stopped paying. And as such they feel I already wrote off the money.

I have discovered they got hit by a crypto type ransom ware. They lost everything... well, not really as I have a valid current backup.

Should I just give them the data? Or should I tell em to pay?

It is a medical office, money is not a problem for them.
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