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Recommended Server Storage Size v6

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Recommended Server Storage Size v6

Postby AdamRA4 » Fri Sep 16, 2016 11:32 pm

We are about to purchase 2 new servers to expand my existing v6.27.0 OBS and RPS. We currently have a Dell PowerEdge 1950 running Server 2003 x64 with a Dell MD1000 attached setup as RAID 5 with ~11GB usable storage. We have a separate Dell 1950 with a Thecus 8800 Pro attached with the same usable space (11GB). This hardware currently has about 70 users on it with about 8.5TB of used space. This was setup when v5 came out so it seems dated but everything works great, no issues currently. We are looking into getting a pair of HP DL380p Gen8 with 12 LFF drive slots and are trying to figure out what drive size would be best for overall operation and replication. Currently, if we restart either the OBS or the RPS, the time it takes for v6 RPS to "sync" back up and eventually get to logging mode is a 1-2 month process. We are not sure if this is normal due to the hardware or if this is normal because of the software. We are wanting to avoid these looooong sync times in case something was to happen, we are not liable for any data loss. We will be implementing Server 2012 R2 and RAID 10 in our new setups as its much faster, more reliable, etc... We are thinking of either 3TB drives or 4TB drives, 6G SAS, 7.2k RPM, HP Drives (with Raid10, we are looking at 18TB or 24TB usable space). Is this too much to try and RPS eventually when we get enough clients to fill it up? Should we setup on 1 physical server Hyper-V and setup 2 separate virtual OBS servers with half the space each and replicate to the other physical server with similar 2 Hyper-V installs with RPS role on each( [OBS1 / OBS2] >> [RPS1 / RPS2] )? Should we look into something else entirely? We like HP as we normally buy their products, like their iLO management, and other reasons. HP DL380p server with 12x3TB server is going to cost me about 5k used and the 12x4TB is a little over $6k used (all with warranties and I plan to have extra drives on stand by to immediately swap out in the event of any drive failure).

Also, has anyone had luck with installing RPS v6 on Amazon Glacier (or similar) or Azure? I dont think it is fully supported for v6 (I know its supposed to be supported for v7) and I think I remember reading people were having replication sync delay issues or something like that.

Any input is appreciated.
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