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Beware CBTFilter on HyperV hosts!

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Beware CBTFilter on HyperV hosts!

Postby shankwc » Sat Dec 03, 2016 5:16 am

Apparently I've discovered an awesome new feature in v7.9 with regards to the CBTFilter components. If you use v7.9 OBM client to backup HyperV machines on a HyperV host, it will backup the virtual machines but also gives a warning : "Fail to load CBT, will perform normal in-file delta." If you have a lot of HyperV VMs (like me) all the warnings make it difficult to distinguish real problems from the noise.

As if that wasn't already awesome enough, I received a new CBTFilter.sys file from support with instructions on how to replace the existing CBTFilter. But when I applied the new CBTFilter service it completely hosed the HyperV server and brought down all the VMs! In fact, the HyperV host was hung so badly hung that I had to forcefully power cycle it.

I've since setup a test server and support has given me a new hotfix (14988-16168) to try, but it's still hanging things up. So I've been suckered into being a beta tester and spending a tremendous amount of time trying to get my servers running again after this fiasco.

I guess this is the new improved support and product development they have been touting.
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Re: Beware CBTFilter on HyperV hosts!

Postby » Tue Dec 06, 2016 6:54 pm

...good job I did a bit of poking around before contacting support.

I am attempting to back up a customer's Hyper-V cluster and it's throwing the CBT error on every backup.
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