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V6 Clients Won't Run Or Auto Update to 7.15

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V6 Clients Won't Run Or Auto Update to 7.15

Postby SkullCo » Sun Mar 11, 2018 7:23 pm

I had all my clients running 6.29 and then I installed the CBS module on my server to upgrade from 6.29 to 7.15. After the upgrade, about half of the clients ran their normal backup using the 6.29 clients to the v7 server - the other half missed their backups. The next day I discovered that all of the clients were now missing their backups.

The fix to the backup problem was to upgrade the clients to 7.15. But the problem is that the auto-update feature isn't working on any of the clients, including the ones that successfully ran (once) after the upgrade.

I've tried setting the auto-upgrade through the user panel with no luck. Is there any other way to force the upgrade without doing it manually on every client? I there at least a way to look at one of the client machines that won't auto-upgrade and find out why it's failing (log file location)?
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Re: V6 Clients Won't Run Or Auto Update to 7.15

Postby Richard Au » Mon Mar 12, 2018 10:12 am


To help us looking into this issue, could you please contact our support to verify on this? Please submit your case through our ticket system at ... rt_tickets
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Re: V6 Clients Won't Run Or Auto Update to 7.15

Postby bserebin » Thu Apr 12, 2018 9:36 pm

I did a migration from v6.29.0.0 to v7.15.4.10 in the last week, and the upgrade was smooth on CBS side, but client side didn't auto upgrade smoothly even after 2 days. Probably half auto upgraded, and the other half didn't. On the clients, I restarting the upgrade service and the client side service, and no dice. In the end, it was faster to run the installer on the client side than troubleshoot it. You run the installer and that's it. Nothing more.

I would be curious what the solution they proposed and if it worked.
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