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ISSUE: User account missing from AhsayOBS management console (Throwable=[UserCacheManager.login] Profile corrupted username) (2371)

ISSUE: User account missing from AhsayOBS management console (Throwable=[UserCacheManager.login] Profile corrupted username) (2371)

Postby admin » Tue May 27, 2014 2:36 pm

Article ID: 2371
Reviewed: 11/08/2014

Product Version:
AhsayOBS: Pre-
OS: All platforms

Problem Description:
Backup account(s) is missing from the AhsayOBS management console (e.g. [Manage User] > [List User]). Checking on the OBS system logs, the following message is received on the AhsayOBS management console:

 No.  Timestamp  Login Name  Owner  Message
 *  hh:mm:ss  username  --  [UserCacheManager.login] Profile corrupted 'username'. unexpected end of document
 *  hh:mm:ss  --  --  ...

The message suggests that the user profile (e.g. Profile.xml) of the particular backup account is corrupted. Common causes of the issue include:

  • Disk space issue on the User Home volume (e.g. no disk space available).
  • Hardware failure on the User Home volume (e.g. bad sector).
  • Improper shutdown of the server.

Confirm if the user profile is corrupted, by opening the Profile.xml file with Internet Explorer, and see if any error is returned.

User profile of a backup account is located in its User Home db folder - ${user_home}\${username}\db\


Check if the profile is empty (0 kb in size). For any profile file that is empty, the profile is corrupted.

For profile(s) that is corrupted, try to recover the backup copies of the user profile by renaming 'Profile.xml.1', 'Profile.xml.2', 'Profile.xml.3', or other subsequence xml file to 'Profile.xml'.

Contact Ahsay support if all copies of the profile are corrupted, we can attempt to recover the Profile.xml with the local profile (Profile.sys and config.ini) saved on the affected client computer (as a paid professional service):

  • Windows XP, 2003
    C:\Documents and Settings\${username}\.obm\config\Profile.sys
    C:\Program Files\AhsayOBM\config.ini
  • Windows Vista or above
    C:\Program Files\AhsayOBM\config.ini
  • Linux / Unix
  • Mac OS X

The user profiles of all backup accounts can be protected by enabling the Configuration Archival system routine job (Manage System > Routine Job). Once enabled AhsayOBS will perform a daily backup all user profiles and other critical AhsayOBS system setting files.


To recover any user profiles, in to the AhsayOBS web management console, select Manage System > Server Configuration > Configuration Recovery.

It is also strongly recommended that partners should upgrade AhsayOBS to version or above, as it contain enhancement to prevent profile corruption. Instruction can be found by Clicking Here.

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